Friday, May 28, 2010

onward- to the ranch!

i am currently waiting for taylor to get home so we can leave for the ranch. i am soooo excited to be getting out of town to clear my head a bit. i'm so glad to get away. i'm in a bit of transition right now...without going into to much detail and putting it all out there- let's just say i'm trying to decide how to move forward and leave it at that. what better way to ease my mind, reflect, and spend quality time with the fam with the beautiful backdrop of the texas country? highlights this weekend will include swimming- floating in the pool, reading by the pool, maybe shopping in town, spotlighting at night, stargazing and chilaxin on the patio. yes i just said chilaxin- can't believe i use that lingo..if you can even call it that. i'm bringing the 'puter' to design a bit because there will be plenty of down time and if that means i pick up the mouse and get some work done so be it. no pressure though- this is a holiday:) and if i'm lucky mister man (aka- baby luke) will come for a visit monday!!! everyone have a fun safe weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

talk about a daily affirmation!

this video was too funny not to share. i would be lucky to wake up in the morning with about 1/3 of how much enthusiasm little jessica (the kid in the video) has for life! talk about the power of positive thinking! get it girl!!! read more about her story here

Sunday, May 23, 2010

motivational monday

sometimes on sunday you need a little motivational monday.
because isn't the dread of monday on a sunday a little worse than the actual monday? :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

have a great weekend!

i'm so looking forward to relaxing this weekend. this week was the last week of our 3 week cross fit on ramp course and taylor and i graduated last night :) now we can join the 'members' class. we are going this evening. so we have put in the hard work this week and i have been taking as well as teaching everyday :0 but things are good...i'm just ready to lounge and not have any place to be. hope the sunshine comes out and we can enjoy some beautiful rays this weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

like this

i want to lay like this

aubin and raph- married!!!

the setting: the beautiful and enchanting ft.worth botanical gardens
the couple: aubin vieger(my beautiful sister in law) and raphael leite (the brazilian stallion)

sunday afternoon we were at the botanical gardens for aubin and raphs' wedding. it was beautiful there-a little hace mucho calor but beautiful. AND we were all thankful that there was no rain during the ceremony. taylor and i felt blessed to be part of such a special union between aubin and raph. you crazy kids are so cool and we are SO HAPPY for you!!! many years of blessing and love to you both- we love yall!!!

the cool kids- rayne and nick
sponsored by ray ban

just chilling
about to be brother in laws!
sister and brother
i promise i'm wearing a dress
the lovely grandmas!
raphs' sweet family
here comes the bride
daughter and father
the reata- yum!
the cake cutting- viva brazil!
the bride and the grooms' backs? i think tay took this pic

ellen and travis- married!

this weekend we went to not one but two outdoor weddings. the first was on saturday in rockwall at a beautiful home- almost an estate if you will. i hope my amateur shots do it justice. the whole evening was lovely! i loved the floating white lanterns and wild bouquets in watering cans on the tables. the food was southern down home cooking served family style at the table. one of the most exciting parts of the evening was when taylor and i learned that in lieu of wedding cake was moon pies and harrys' frozen custard. if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the crack/what dreams are made of that is harrys' then really don't bother. honestly you will never be the same. stay away :) anyways---got a little off track- back to the lovely wedding. it was such a nice and informal and intimate ceremony. the landscape was beautiful and matched the fun loving personality of ellen and travis. enjoy the pics! we are so happy for you both! sorry- i did a kind of play by play with my camera during the ceremony. i swear i'm not a stalker-

tillmans' for tay!

taylors' birthday was at the end of last month. the old man that is my husband turned the big 3-0! :) tv requested tillmans' roadhouse in bishop arts district. a fun time to be had by the baker crew minus ct baker. if you haven't been - check it out! but be is more of a special occasion menu- just think truffle oil and carb loading... you get the point. don't get me wrong- it was delish!

me and mister man!
the bday boy- yes my mom wrapped his present
in robot paper for a 30 year old
hilary looking pretty and bryan being silly
let's get this party started
smores tableside
aunty alli and unky tay

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Let us go singing as far as we go: the road will be less tedious.
Virgil, Eclogues, Roman epic poet (70 BC - 19 BC)

Monday, May 10, 2010

best drink ever!

hello folks....still feel like i haven't wound down from the busy weekend. if you still need a little R&R that you missed out on this weekend do this ASAP

1. go to meddlesome moth- get an outside table
2. order the DUCHESSE DE BOURGOGNE beer
3. pour and enjoy

the beer is magical! i think faries live inside the bottle- dispensing the magic during every sip! for those of you who know me well- you know i would drink kombucha every day all day if it wasn't like 5 dollars a pop! this beer has the fantastic similarity to a kombucha, cider, and Gewurztraminer (one of my favorite wines) but it is a sour ale. seriously...try it today!

i hope this post makes my beer brewing brothers proud !:)

Friday, May 7, 2010

manifesto 2010

have a great weekend!
i'm off to clean my house, cut liners for a job, run more errands, go to the post office,
pick up packaging AND get the mothers day gifts together!! busy day:)

i leave you with this manifesto that i LOVE

a few i would add:
do yoga
listen to old people (i love my grandparents)
be outside

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i heart zooey d!

zooey deschanel is lovely. i first fell in love with zooey d in one of my all time favorite films- all the real girls but since then my love has grown stronger with time like a fine wine. she also designed a line of frames with oliver peoples which happens to be another one of my favorites.......and to top off her triple threat status she can sing! she has quite the pipes- check out her latest- she and him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

first comes love....

then comes marriage....then raf and aubins' baby in the baby carriage ;)

i kid, i kid. last night was dinner at tays' grandmas' for raf and aubin- with rafs' fam. it was great to meet rafs' family. we cooked out and the 'kiddie' adults sat by the pool with the adult adults inside. can't wait for the big day next weekend!!!! congrats you two!