Monday, May 17, 2010

ellen and travis- married!

this weekend we went to not one but two outdoor weddings. the first was on saturday in rockwall at a beautiful home- almost an estate if you will. i hope my amateur shots do it justice. the whole evening was lovely! i loved the floating white lanterns and wild bouquets in watering cans on the tables. the food was southern down home cooking served family style at the table. one of the most exciting parts of the evening was when taylor and i learned that in lieu of wedding cake was moon pies and harrys' frozen custard. if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the crack/what dreams are made of that is harrys' then really don't bother. honestly you will never be the same. stay away :) anyways---got a little off track- back to the lovely wedding. it was such a nice and informal and intimate ceremony. the landscape was beautiful and matched the fun loving personality of ellen and travis. enjoy the pics! we are so happy for you both! sorry- i did a kind of play by play with my camera during the ceremony. i swear i'm not a stalker-

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ellen said...

i love these photos!!!!!!! i knew that you were stalking us, now i've got the proof!!!