Friday, May 28, 2010

onward- to the ranch!

i am currently waiting for taylor to get home so we can leave for the ranch. i am soooo excited to be getting out of town to clear my head a bit. i'm so glad to get away. i'm in a bit of transition right now...without going into to much detail and putting it all out there- let's just say i'm trying to decide how to move forward and leave it at that. what better way to ease my mind, reflect, and spend quality time with the fam with the beautiful backdrop of the texas country? highlights this weekend will include swimming- floating in the pool, reading by the pool, maybe shopping in town, spotlighting at night, stargazing and chilaxin on the patio. yes i just said chilaxin- can't believe i use that lingo..if you can even call it that. i'm bringing the 'puter' to design a bit because there will be plenty of down time and if that means i pick up the mouse and get some work done so be it. no pressure though- this is a holiday:) and if i'm lucky mister man (aka- baby luke) will come for a visit monday!!! everyone have a fun safe weekend!

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