Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ranch pics!

heres a recap of the weekend fun- pictures speak a thousand words:) it was so great to get away in relax. just laying in the pool and spending time with the fam was ah-mazing. i feel refreshed and ready to take on the week. if only that didn't include 4:30am wake up calls for class. oh well- you can't win em all.
mister man!
the lone ranger
mom and baby
hubby and lady
meet mr. donkey
taylor and i nicknamed him rastafarian donkey-those are some serious dreads
(this photo is courtesy of steve baker productions:)
more donkeys..also taken by steve
blooming cactus- no this is not the new appetizer at outback
purple-another by steve
my favorite mound of madness- there is something very calming about this image
more flowers- weeds really but pretty weeds
my favorite shot of the purple glory

my handsome hubby
taken by the hubby

lukes' first pool time ever! so fun!
piggy back ride!
fun in the sun
taylor cruisin along
a pic from our shopping trip in town- gabby you were missed

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Coco said...

awe!!! I miss you guys! I love the pics! Can't wait till we can hang Alli! Love you.