Wednesday, June 30, 2010

music to work to

i've been high res scanning away on my mac all week long. it gets so repetitive and booorrrring!!! thank god for the black keys. i broke down and bought their full album and have been jamming out. seriously i don't buy full albums(unless it taylor vieger of course)- i just don't-rarely does a band move me enough to purchase the whole thing. i usually just by 2-3 songs and enjoy those. but the brothers album is a start to finish rock n roll soul jam.

speaking of jamming- yesterday i got the privilege and honor to babysit my nephew luke(after a fun girls lunch with hilary at the modern cafe in ft. worth) for a bit and man does that little guy like music. seriously i think i sang every disney song i knew- little mermaid hits, lion king, jungle book, beauty and the beast...the list goes on. i was just thinking how funny it is how creative you can get to keep a baby occupied. i love that little mister :)

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