Friday, June 18, 2010

have a great weekend!

i'm excited for tonight because taylor and i are going to venture out to a craft party in bishop arts district for etsy dallas! more info here

saturday night is date night! we even have reservations- i can't believe it?!! it has been awhile that the hubby and i have gone on an official date. we are hitting up the moth in the arts district for round 2. this time we are prepared for ordering. their drinks and apps are going to be the focus. i made the mistake of ordering a salad last time- not so much. i even had to send the chicken back that was on my salad- won't go into details but we agreed it's better to stick with the favorites- their more stellar items on the menu. we are definitely going back for is their roasted parsnips- delish!!!! your mouth thinks it's creamy potatoes but without the carbs:)

church on sunday morning and then dad's day at the races- a baker family tradition! hope the two steves (mr. steve baker and mr. steve vieger) like their theme gifts i dreamed up this year. i will let you know what i got later- their could be spies reading this- ha!

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Coco said...

Have a great date night! XO!