Thursday, July 1, 2010

flashback friday!

i'm so excited to be at the ranch and chillax this weekend. yes that is right- i just used the word chillax. i'm currently listening to gauntlet hair 'i was thinking' and imagining i'm floating in the pool. gabby- my bff from austin (she's keeping it weird yall;) is coming with her guy to meet tay and i at the ranch for the fourth. kind of a tradition now- hence the title flashback friday. see our pic from last year- kind of a funny pic of all of us but you got to love the sparklers:0 this year clark and his crew will be there- hopefully they don't get too rowdy! i hope i don't get too rowdy either (like i ever do- i'm the grandma of the group- only thing missing is my cross stitch to do by the pool-ha!) because i need my strength to see the twighlight saga: eclipse on sunday night when we get back. folks there are no theaters in hico- so no adventure watching in forks for me until sunday. the true tri-hards will understand what i'm talking about.

ok back to the weekend plans- tay and i are going to brave the 6am at crossfit tomorrow and probably leave for the ranch around 4. i've got the snacks for the car, magazines, and sketchbooks to fill. and i'm sure we will be listening to some sporkfuls on the road. if you haven't heard about the sporkful yet- check it out. it will occupy your hours behind the wheel- download the podcasts and enjoy!

can't wait to celebrate the fourth with my man, my fam and g&c. of course we will be hitting up our favorite hico hot spot-western otter. you can also find us at the weisman house or baker ranch pool. oh and i forgot to mention the weekend game off(yours truly always wins)- taboo&apples to apples - let the festivities begin!!!!

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