Tuesday, July 20, 2010

30 before 31

although i missed motivational monday this post could still technically fit into that uplifting achieving more category. i first read about 30 before 30 on the fabulous blog hellosplendor.com. i was so inspired to do my own 30 before 30- however i recently turned 30! you say minutia i say frittata ;) anyways- in my own do it your way style - i flipped it to-30 before 31- why not?! taylor was out of the office yesterday and we got to spend some time during the day- very rare on a weekday. we had a blast making our lists. taylor kept on wanting me to add 'making a pie' numerous times and i reassured him- once i can master his beloved pie i will make it more than once for my sweetie.

on a more serious note-there is something to be said about making a goal(s) for yourself (several in this case), writing it down, and setting out to achieve it. we both agreed to type our list, print it out and put it by our desks. and you know i will be using my highlighter to cross off left and write! i love highlighters. yes i am that dork who sees a container store and my heart immediately begins to beat faster. i think list making and post it notes are right up there with banana and chocolate for me. speaking of banana and chocolate bites(see my last post here)...i found another amazing food blogger with another great recipe for my favorite treat.


Beth Dotolo said...

This makes me so happy!! Please post your list! I'd love to see it... I love this!! Thank you... and have fun with it!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

i want to make one of these lists, too... it's on my to'do list. :) ha!

i hope that making those banana chocolate bites for old colleagues was one of your thirty- because those look tasty!