Saturday, July 24, 2010

from russia, with love

hello friends! i am so giddy right now i can hardly stand it! we are leaving tomorrow for a BALTIC CRUISE to NORTHERN EUROPE!! we are traveling with the lovely and handsome with carol and steve(aka my parents). i am so excited, packing makes my heart beat faster :) we have 2 nights in stockholm and then we are off. taylor and i fly into amsterdam and have a layover for a couple of hours until our flight to stockholm. we wanted to do a quickie exploring of the city but because we would have to take a train downtown and take a train back and go through customs we don't want to miss our flight. the 20-something me would have said screw it and go for it but i'm 30 now which meansof course i am wiser and more mature;)

since russia is one of the places we will be visiting i've attached some from russia, with love book covers. i was going to rent the movie on my laptop for the flight but the trailer was a lot of loud gun noises and chaos- not something i want to be listening to while flying. i do however have a streetcar named desire, rebel without a cause (hello james dean), and a russian inspired pic- doctor zhivago. i also will be reading Anna Karenin- a novel by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. it's about the width of 2 bibles- can't wait to dig in!

hopefully i will be able to post some pics during our travels so stay tunned for adventure and mayhem!

our route
lee lou wants to come too


Halle said...

Dr. Zhivago is a GREAT movie!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you are obviously going to have an amazing time!!!! what a gorgeous time of year to visit these places. bring us back some swedish fish & matrushka dolls! :)