Thursday, July 22, 2010


with some friendly blogger nudging from hellosplendor and aspiring kennedy i have agreed to post my 30 before 31 list. i'm a little nervous..i feel like i am posting my qualities for a partner for life. oh wait- already snagged a fabulous husband. i can check that one off ;0 so without any further adieu.....

my 30 before 31

1. run a 5k--yes this is something i've done before- but i am re-committing myself to doing it again-turkey trot here i come!
2. start a book club! plan it-host it-make it happen (melanie- are you in?!!:)
3. plan a BIG trip and save for it
4. research old music- hello karen dalton
5. try a new ethnic restaurant
6. take a spa day with a girlfriend or -ahem- mom, i know you are reading this
7. sign up for photoshop class
8. make a pie -taylors' request
9. go on a last minute road trip with loads of stops -thrifting and antiquing i can hear you calling
10. design a LARGE format piece of art
11. dead lift 200 or more -crossfitters you know what i'm talking about!
12. submit my design work
13. team up with another artist
14. join a new group
15. get re-involved in aiga and dsvc
16. garden more
17. plant a big all succulent planter
18. make art for my nephew- luke is the man!!
19. start volunteering with local art programs
20. watch more documentaries-this one sounds boring but they are actually quite interesting
21. read more classics
22. join a veggie co-op
23. attempt one week of ALL organic eating with the hubby
24. host a theme party
25. go hiking with the husband
26. take more photos
27. design our christmas card- this made the list because i want to do it early this year and yes- i say that every year
28. use more natural beauty products
29. try a new hair style- bangs? short? dark?- the possibilities are endless
30. SLOW down and LIVE!

i did save the best one for last. or maybe i should say the most difficult. i'm a big planner and i'm always have a running list in my head of what to do next. sometimes i get so caught up in the list(said the blogger making more lists) and the future - i miss what is right in front of me. so yes number 30 is big for this 30 year old but i know i can do it! thanks again beth for introducing me to this fun challenge.


Beth Dotolo said...

This is so great!! Linking to this tomorrow... Love it!

allibakes said...

thanks to YOU for inspiring me to make the list!!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

yay! i'm glad you posted this. :) thanks for sharing!

Dorry said...

I love your list! I want to make a pie, too - I NEVER have. :)