Saturday, May 1, 2010

from dallas to denver

two weekends ago we were in denver for my dads' awci pinnacle award. i kept telling everyone it was like the oscars of the drywall world. :) all jokes aside it was a really big deal and a great honor for my dad to be chosen. congrats dad- we are so proud of YOU! my favorite part was when they rolled the award presentation/movie and my mom was being interviewed and said ' steve has taught me how to enjoy life...' it brought tears to my eyes. dad really does live in the moment and we all love you for that!

anyways- we surprised him big time. when the award was announced we all appeared from thin air on stage. literally it was like we time traveled there, he had no idea we flew in - even grandma frances and grandpa bob came and baby luke was there! our flight was as my friend rachel likes to say trauuuumatic. the pilot couldn't land because of a storm and kept on getting on the loud speaker to say we had 40 more minutes of gas, made everyone pretty nervous. if i was in charge i would have chosen to round that number up to an hour just to ease the nerves a little. or pump more oxygen into the cabin so we would all just fall asleep. at least give us that. thank god the storm subsided and we were able to land. hurray!

i also got to go see a rockin ani d show with my local denver guide and close friend erin c!!! tay and i had so much fun catching up:) and man can she rock a mean guitar!!!!!

mrs. baker, former miss baker and future mrs. baker ;0
evidence of why you should spend more time on your hair and wear a black bra when being photographed
this is my cheesy smile- i think i was just super excited to be with mister luke!
me and mister man!!
tay being super silly at the ani show
my petite and beautiful friend erin next to my giant head :)

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