Tuesday, October 5, 2010


do you remember your first major crush? i'm not talking zack morris- your first real grade school crush. mine was in fourth grade- the boys' name was craig luck. how could you not like a guy with the last name luck? it was the first day of fourth grade and we were assigned to the same classroom- i was in luck with mr.luck..or so i thought i was. the teacher- mrs. martin- asked me to read out loud a math problem from the book. i was sooo nervous because craig was there that when describing the hamburgers we were adding up (ex: if you have 3 hamburgers but you give 2 away...you get the idea) i said hamBUGER- as in your nose bugers?!! the whole classroom of course died laughing. luckily..it was forgotten a couple of days later- fourth graders aren't has harsh as high school kids.

presently my crushes involve my hubby, jake g and clothes, shoes and acessories- far less intimidating and oh so fun. here are the latest and greatest of clothes i'm crushin' on~

etsy artists- you continue to amaze me
i need this dress for a rehearsal dinner we are going to in a couple of weeks in marfa, texas!
doesn't it look marfa-esque?
this lovely number is currently on sale- can't they mark it down a little more for me?
i heart madewell

so simple and pretty- i would wear these with everything
a pop of beautiful blue
blue and black are paired together a lot this season

who or what are you crushin' on these days?

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