Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FALLing for you

you know what makes me smile?

i'm smiling today because tonight i'm hosting book club at mi casa!!!

tonight we are doing a FALL favorites potluck! this really excites me because i get a little break. last time i was chopping away with my sous-chef melanie right before the bclubbers got there and honestly it was a bit much to do all the food. i'm sure martha stewart never complains but hey, i'm not there yet.

i'm also totally stoked (brah-jock speak)
or should i say SPOKEd:)
about riding weather! i love biking with my hubby
in the neighborhood or around white rock lake this time of year.
especially when the leaves are changing colors
i love getting out and breathing that fresh cool air.

i'm lovin' this gray sweater from URBN
would go great with my gray toms' wedges

want to snuggle in this lovely cardigan
next to the fire cuddled up next to my man

what makes you smile this fall season?

could it be honeycrisp apples with the AWESOMELY TASTY
yet highly addictive justins' maple almond butter?
or last nights' episode of glee?

keep me posted - i would love to hear your smile inducing fall favs!

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