Wednesday, October 20, 2010

girl crush

i'm just gonna say it- i have a girl crush! does it mean i'm playing for the other team- no- it just means i'm diggin' the following stylish ladies. i mean- how could you not? they are each adorable in their own way. my husband happens to have a major crush on one of them as well- not in the same way as me of course- can you guess which one?

rachel bilson
the only brunette to make the list
nothing against brunettes it's just blondes have more fun

want to get a more affordable version of her style
gillian zinser
i love this alterna-blonde (i think i just made up a word)
her style is original and fresh
scarlett jo
why do you have to be so stylish, sexy and beautiful- you are a true triple threat!
love the new short do!

i'm green with envy scar-jo

and my favorite gossip girl serena
or blake lively the actress

whatever you want to call her this girl has gams and she is not afraid to use them. if i was her mother i would tell her to put some clothes on but she is quite the fashionista long dress or short- she is rocking it!


Dorry said...

Love these 3! Blake might be my biggest crush of the 3. Her bod is just ridiculous. I so wish I had a personal stylist. I'm severely challenged in that department. :)

tvieger said...

Go Go Scar Jo!

No one beats your hotnista style Alli V!



TheSocialThread said...

I TOTALLY agree with you about Blake, Gillian, and Rachel. They're all adorable. Scar-jo kinda bugs me though. I think it was her character on He's Not That Into You...