Friday, October 22, 2010

5 on friday

in the spirit of embarrassing confessions and trying to connect with my readers through self-deprecation i would like to make some confessions. don't worry i haven't done anything illegal--or have i?
feel free to share your deepest & darkest or dorky-ist like me :) i would love to hear them-

NO 5
i love idioms
i love to pull them out in heated conversations- usually to emphasize my point or whatever i'm trying to argue. however i always say it wrong- taylor just laughs at me and says 'not even close.' at least i get a laugh.

NO 4
i steal honey glazed pecans
it's a compulsion i can't control. every time, without fail when we pass the bulk bin section at whole foods, central market or newflower market i reach for one when no one is looking. i can rationalize this sneaky maneuver on my part with the fact that we give our hard earned money to these establishments weekly.
a girl can have her honey glazed nut and eat it too!

NO 3
i have a full fledged magazine addiction
every year since college my new years resolution is to buy less magazines and every year i fail- major fail. fashion, beauty, design and travel and food mags get me. they call to me- saying buy me- you need me! i even have archived nylon and lucky mags from college lining my closet shelves.

NO 2
i love olympic weight lifting
my yogic self had a problem with this in the beginning. it seemed to drastically contradict everything i had been taught- not to mention the compression in your back...anyways i've come to terms with it (i think). it's so powerful lifting 100 lbs overhead. it's awesome- it makes me feel so strong and also an incredible way to start your day.
shout out to the 6am rooster crew!

NO 1
i still sleep with a stuffed animal
his name is reginold 2 and he has a smoky voice. reginold 1 was left overseas...sad story. taylor channels reggies' voice in true form every night before bed- keeps me laughing:)


tvieger said...

Yaaaaaa Reggie saaaaaays sleep tight!

My confessions are, I love taking like 5 hoursto mow the lawn nad get ready for this...I love plucking my nose hairs! bwink! AHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWW!

Brooke said...

Miss Alli - don't know how to email you so I'm leaving a comment here. you once asked a question on my blog and I never got back to you. Yes, we live in Lake Highlands too - no wonder we saw the same ice cream truck. Hello Neighbor! i'd say let's b friends but you might be way too athletic and totally hard core for me. ha ha. But I do love your style crushes - well done! xo