Thursday, September 30, 2010

to toms or not to toms

to TOMS .....or not to TOMS
that is the question
whether it is nobler in fashion to suffer the pangs of stilettos
or to take arms(and feets) against a wave of foot discomfort

i have mixed feelings about toms shoes.
i love the cause, love that the company was founded by a texas guy, and love the comfort factor. the style of them on the foot(or at least my foot) not so much.
every time i try them on- it looks like a band aid gauze type thing- wrapped around my foot. i also am short and tend to look stubby(is that even a word) in flat shoes- plus my feet are small- sometimes that whole combo turns me into a oompaloopa from willy wonka. yes i have issues. i love the feel of comfortable shoes but not necessarily the way they look. and of course i love heels but hate the way they feel on. such a fashion dilemma!
so when i saw the toms new wedges- i was thrilled- comfort and fashionable- now this i can get with!

how do you TOM?
are they your fashion must or fashion bust?


Halle said...

fashion must! i love my toms!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I feel the same way- love the cause, but feel like I'm wearing ace bandages. ha!! :) the wedges are cute... and i dig the company. sigh. I probably should buy some... you know, to help the kids. :)