Thursday, September 23, 2010


do you ever feel extremely overwhelmed by things out of your control? do you put so much into a project and then when something doesn't go your way or the way you envisioned it you want th throw in the towel? to give up? i have been extremely frustrated lately with a certain BIG project (can't reveal the details yet) that i'm working on for my design company avdesign. not only has it set me back weeks- i've been set back months!?! i'm trying to remain calm, use my yoga breathing, be patient but honestly i want to hit my head against the wall like a crazy person! i'm already a control freak, perfectionist and massive worrier- just one more thing to add to my list -right?! well i could see a bit of the forrest from the trees when i ran across this awesome message in the blog world. i hope it gives you some much needed peace and perspective- i know i needed it.

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