Saturday, September 11, 2010

new rug, warm home

yesterday evening taylor and i came home exhausted from crossfit and we found a large package(insert pervert laugh here) on the porch. suddenly i wasn't tired anymore- i felt my designer instinct kick in, my second wind if you will, because i knew that our new FLORA / MALACHITE ANGELA ADAMS RUG had arrived!! it warms up the space of the den so much- it just makes it that much cozier. today especially-i am so grateful to have a space to call my own- a home for my family- me, tay (the handsome husband) and our baby lee lou. i love how adding one element of design breathes fresh air into the space. it comforts me- i don't mean to get all sappy but i just adore good design- it puts the breath in my lungs and fire in my pants...wait that doesn't sound right- but you know what i mean. because i was on a kick- i also did some rearranging of the guest room. taylor helped me hang pics and patiently put up a new shelf. i was on a serious design high last night and although it embarrasses me to admit it i was so excited post house make overs i couldn't sleep. i love my day job as a graphic designer but incorporating interior design into my repertoire is something i could seriously get use to!

lee lou loves the new rug!
sorry so blurry- iphone pic

from left to right- a pic from santa monica beach(fish eye lens cam) when we lived in la, fun shots we took on our honeymoon on our balcony,a vintage brownie camera a friend gave me as a thoughtful bday gift,
a pic from college i took in my first photography class

i loved this hand dyed scarf so much i had it framed
found at western otter
hand made by an extremely talented artist r.landoll(sp?)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rug!! I love your decorating style.

Coco said...

LOOOOOVE the new rug Alli! Also, love the pics of Luke! You are the best auntie. XO.