Thursday, September 9, 2010

lovely lunch

i usually don't have time to take pics of my food my less whip up a pretty salad such as todays but when i do- i've decided it should be celebrated. heres' to not eating over the counter with the fridge door open post workout in all my sweaty glory. hey it happens. this lovely salads' ingredients were simple to throw together- spinach, balsamic dressing, celery, 1/2 green apple, crushed pistachios, 3 dried cherries chopped into tiny goodies, 1 turkish fig sliced thin, red onions- the baby ones not the bigger sharper tasting ones- that's it! easy- peasy- beautiful cover girl salad:)


Dorry said...

yum! sounds like a perfect combo. I had some green apple in my salad today and loved the tart crunch.

Anonymous said...

i think i love apples as much as you dorry-but fuji is my go to:) jazz is a close second