Friday, September 24, 2010

punch of color friday!

is a general term used in English for the range of hues of color occurring between red and blue

In human color psychology, PURPLE is also associated with royalty and nobility
(stemming from classical antiquitywhen Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites)

i thought you might need a pop of color to get you going this friday! is it me or does anyone else seem to suffer from end-of-the-week-tired-itis syndrome? i know i'm suppose to be excited that it's friday- TGIF yall BUT i'm usually just tuckered out. good thing i believe in color therapy, feng shui, bikram yoga, and overall good design. nothing get's me going like a hotter than HE-double hockey sticks yoga class or a beautifully designed and functional space. i always tell my husband (he doesn't really understand why i obsess about visual details) when i walk into a room at home and it's tidy and clean -INSTANT fresh oxygen to my being. i can let out a breath of fresh air~as if everything is right with the world. these rooms below- with the lovely addition of pops of purple take my breath away.

i adore the simplicity of this room
can offices be sexy?
ones will don draper and can- that's what she said
well this one rocks my world!
deep plum relaxes me
if i had a second home(one can dream),
a cabin escape to nature if you will-my bedroom would look like this
the combo of gray and purple is splendid and posh
the purple ceiling elevates the dining experience
want to see how spot on your color is?
pretty spot on! how accurate is yours?
i think purple is a brave color. you have to have style to pull it off.
whether you wear it or design with it. this quote illustrates it best-

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Coco said...

Loooove this post! I always forget about the color purple!