Wednesday, September 1, 2010

scent of a woman

the scent of a woman is a very powerful thing. i remember at my first job out of college as an art director at an advertising agency, i had a major crush on this older creative director. i thought if my wit and charm didn't catch his attention my perfume would. i can't believe i'm admitting this but i would go to the bathroom with my travel size ed de perfum and practically showered in it, spraying it like it was my lifeline. then i would proceed to walk by his office and casually smile as i went by. it was as if the perfume gave me this new found confidence.

well times have changed! don't get me wrong-i still love perfume- i just choose different scents. i use to love musky, amber, sexy tones for day and night. at this point in my life i can't stand to wear anything heavy during the day. occasionally i will use wear stella at night if we are going out but now i prefer light fresh scents. i will leave you will some of my perfume history. my resume scents if you will. my portfolio is looking strong:)

whoo- ah!

quelques fleurs
i wore this in high school freshmen year of college
i actually met my best friend in college walking on campus
because she smelled it on me and asked what perfume i was wearing

we became besties and she convinced me jivago was a much better perfume than quelques fleurs because it was from neimans' and had flecks of 14k gold in it. duh. i made the switch immediately
tom ford, black orchid
skip to after graduation
i began to wear more womanly sexy musky scents.
these were my man hunting days. taylor had broke my heart and i was on the prowl. blame him- it was all his fault

my all time favorite- stella
(confession: this is what i used to catch the creative director :)
i still wear it when i go out
alien by thierry mugler
i got this perfume from my bestie for a christmas gift one year-thanks gabby! when i first saw it i remember thinking the bottle was so strange but the scent intrigued me

tocca- aqua profumata amalfi
enter present day- this is a light scent with hints of jasmine and violet. it makes me feel feminine &
clean- especially in this heat

pure by dkny
i love the bottle and i LOVE the smell! the packaging is organic, it's light and sweet
and it was made in collaboration with CARE.
CARE is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty- all together it is pretty awesome!

gap grass body mist
i don't know why this last one embarrases me a bit but it does. maybe because in high school i wore the heaven scent and now i'm thirty and wear grass. but honestly i adore the smell. it is so clean i practically perk up when i smell it. added bonus- super affordable and i don't feel bad toting it around at the bottom of my purse. it also helps to get the 'i've been at a coffee shop all day long' expresso/coffee bean smell off you when you leave your second office. oh wait that's just me :)

what about you ladies and men- what is your go to scent?

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Coco said...

You posted my go to scent! You know what it is ; )