Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i'm not gonna lie- the 10k i've decided to run is rapidly approaching and i'm scared. i've even thought about backing out BUT i've made a commitment and i'm going to stick to it even if that means crawling across the finish line. so i've run over 3 miles a couple of times weekly but i have yet to run the full 10k(6.2 miles). this is my next hurdle. taylor has promised to have COLD(that is a must - warm tastes nasty) coconut water for re-hydration on the sidelines. however- i don't even know if that is going to be an issue since it will be 7:30am and the temp outside will still be cool. i mean come on- i do bikram yoga daily- i can run 6 miles - right?! i just need some confidence. originally i was doing this run with a friend but she had something come up and had to back out:( so needless to say- i'm on my own on this one. even the hubby won't do it with me. oh well- i guess it will make me that much more committed. i was talking to an experienced runner friend(she does full marathons people) at yoga this morning and she said ' i always get wasted at that race' meaning after because apparently they have the best beer. who knew the after race drinks are such a motivation to runners?! well i'm more motivated by my after meal race- i'm not gonna lie but a frosty brew might inspire me too. really what i've been craving lately is kombucha but no dice on that one. they are temporarily out of stock. bummer!!! i miss it so much i think i'm addicted. let's keep our fingers crossed- that i make it across the finish line and kombucha gets back in stores asap! toodles for now~


Ryan said...

you got this. Our after after race meal is always at Babe's. That is the one time of year we go and eat there. Motivation all the way!

Sarah Sunshine said...

good for you!!! i would be scared to death! wish i had the guts to do it with you!