Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday

happy happy friday
my cup of coffee couldn't be deeper this morning
it's been a busy busy week but i'm ready to unwind at the ranch
a limey beverage, my book and lots of relaxing pool time
is calling my name
to be honest
life at the vieger casa
work, friends&family, church
basically LIFE
and our everyday schedule has swiftly gotten
what happened to lazy summers?
don't get me wrong though- life is very good
but lately the quiet moments have been few and far between
this pic is a healthy reminder
that everyday, every moment,
i should relish and celebrate the craziness
and take a moment
to breathe in the small pockets of calm and quiet
whenever i can
i have to remind myself
god never gives us more than we can handle



Dorry said...

It sounds like we're both really busy! I feel the same way - can't complain, but it does make the moments of down time that much more enjoyable. Sunday is my 1st day off since we got back from Mexico and I can't wait to relax and ride bikes...probably a picnic, too, although it's HOT out there!

allison said...

i agree- just loaded the car up and i'm so HOT already. good think i have my gingerade kombucha close:) enjoy your day off dorry- have fun relaxing and a great rest of the weekend!