Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cold weather remedies

for the past 2 days we have been iced in people!
(in dallas you can't really call it snowed in can you?)
what do you do when the temps are freezing
and you are under house arrest?
i wake and drink some of this black magic
oh the glory of it
snuggle with this cutie
dream about warmer climates
google hair tutorials
yes i'll admit it- i'm a hair tutorial addict
i LOVE watching the process unfold
more hair fun!
who doesn't want these carrie bradshaw beach waves?
watched this cute film for kate spade new york
i love the lyrics
please fill me in
and don't be shy!:)
how were your days off filled?

how do you stay warm
under this winter gloom?

what's your favorite snow day memory?
i remember one day in college classes were canceled at OU(univ of oklahoma)
and the roads were pretty icy
i was dating taylor and only got to see him briefly every other weekend because
he was at university of north texas
the moment it was announced classes were called off
i booked it to NT in denton to see him
it was so dangerous driving in the snow but such a romantic journey to take to see him
i was young, crazy and stupid-in-love
looking back i should have stayed put but it was so worth it to see my man


Dorry said...

I've been in pajamas for 2 days! That's how I stay warm - lots of layers of softness. I'm actually getting a lot of computer/blog/work potential things accomplished since I'm too cold to go outside. And we've been watching movies and sipping hot tea

I love hair tutorials, too, but I'm terrible at actually executing them!

Coco said...

Ha ha- I remember when you took that trip you wild woman! I love your pics of what you've been doing- cuddling with the leelou! Xo