Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this n' that

with the current dallas weather conditions
i'm not shy about my longing for warmer days
love these worn and tattered brushes
art is made
type love!
nuggets of wisdom
i love this room
an alternative and creative way
to showcase and hang your baubles
amazing paper installations

just in time for valentines
yesterday while under house arrest from being 'snowed' in
i enjoyed gathering this n' that
i was also able to start reading our book for febs' book club
i'm only in the first chapter and i can already tell
i'm going to love it

happy hump day bloggies!
wherever you are and whatever you are doing
i'm hoping you are enjoying your own version of this n' that

1 comment:

bex said...

ohh I love all of these inspiring pictures! keep em coming for sure!