Thursday, February 17, 2011

meet corbin dallas

meet corbin
corbin dallas to be specific
he is the newest member of our clan!

on the way home
seeing his new home for the first time
meeting his new friend leelou
leelou dallas multipass
if you haven't seen 5th element rent it today:)
for the record leelou is not happy
just hanging out
my 2 guys
the next few days should be interesting
we are trying to assimilate our new lively creature corbin
with the ruling dame of the house- leelou
but leelou is not having it! everyone says it will take about a week
but i feel bad for leelou- she has always had this place to herself

last night there was a lot of hissing going on with leelou revolting against our newly adopted corbin
i looked at taylor and said
this is how i would feel if we got a new sister wife


rayne said...

sometimes it can take longer - i think it took rory about a month, but she finally fell in love! hang in there!

Coco said...

I LOOOOOVE CORBIN DALLAS! Multipass. LOL. I love this. He is so cute. And looks like cubby's cousin! I want another cat for Cubs but you know who won't let me.... YET!

Dorry said...

A new sister wife - hahaha. I <3 you. I bet Corbin & Leelou will end up being compadres after some time. Congrats on the new addition to the fam. Side note: I love Taylor's sweater.

allison said...

that is good new rayne- thanks - i have some hope now.

gabby- you should have requested that for your b-day- guilt him into it;)

purple on tv is one of my favorite colors too dorry. i know you are a big fan! of the color i mean:)