Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30 before 31-no 29!

i am marking one more number off my 30 before 31 list

NO 29
try a new hair style

side swept bangs were what
i would have been more comfortable with
i just went for it-fully embracing the change

i'm still getting use to it and honestly i love it. it adds a bit of edge to my look.
i think i want to change/mix up my look/hair more often. i can't believe i am saying that but after
having the same long hair for over 3 years, a big change is fun!
i have really enjoyed going for this new look
and overcoming my fear of change!

what change are you afraid of
BANG-ing out?
you like how i just incorporated that in there- don't you?


Halle said...

LOVE the bangs!!!

tvieger said...

Bangs ticklin' yo' fo'head, Im like too hot, too hot, too hot!