Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows,
the light and dark which that thing provides

i've always been kind of obsessed with repeated patterns
i love drawing theme
i love looking at them
i love the graphic blocks of color
call me OCD but it really calms me

marilyn always wins me over...and over

i love this throw and can imagine many cups of tea and coffee being enjoyed
snuggling under it's coziness
when i look at this it make me want to be relaxing on the beach
listening to XX soaking up some rays

stripes stripes stripes
this pattern never gets old

please can this be hanging in my entry way?

transform your everyday beverage with this bold pattern
can i add these to my wish list from yesterday?

what cool illustrations!!!
i know a special bird that would be a fan

i'll admit it- i'm kind of a creature of habit
the pattern of my morning ritual comforts me
i like starting out the day with coffee or tea

what patterns do you love most in life?


Dorry said...

LOVE the birds!! :) :)

Also love those coffee mugs. I love bright, colorful patterns. OR black and white patterns with bursts of solids colored accents.

Pretty Mommy said...

love those coffee mugs! I always have a hard time passing up a good leopard print ;)