Monday, January 24, 2011

i'm back!

i'm back! i'm excited to be finally feeling like my old self again. this weekend was great and yesterday i actually remembered to document some of it's goodness. taylor and i got to sleep in(8:30- that's late for us:) a little bit sunday morning which was glorious! we woke up and made our traditional breakfast taco morning mash up

my lovely fruit salad
i'm proud of the fresh mint
classes up the joint

lee lou really wanted in
on the breakfast taco action

my masterpiece

taylors' large and baco-fied breakfast

after church couch sesh
then this happened

lee lou caught in the act

we ended the weekend with the lovely
carol and steve-my rents at asian mint
this was my honey lime vodka soda
it was light and refreshing!

by far the highlight of the weekend was the movie the fighter
taylor and i loved it! and christian bail should get an oscar for his performance- a very inspiring story

i'm excited for a productive week to come as well as just functioning as my healthy self again
happy monday


tvieger said...

There are in fact veggies on my tacos, just hidden under 3 strips of bacon and tillamook cheddar!

allison said...

ha haa- but it is baco-fied!!!

Dorry said...

yay for feeling better! And it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I'm so glad you love The Fighter, too! I thought it was amazing and so authentic to the true story. Love your classy fruit salad - looks so refreshing. I haven't been to Asian Mint in far too long. Thanks for the reminder about that yummy place.

Coco said...

I left a comment from my iPad "flipboard" app but apparently it didn't register! I love leelou on your booty!