Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy birthday gabby!

yesterday was gabby's b-day!
i know, i know... i am one day late and a cocktail short:)
but you still love me gabby-right?
after all - we do go way back!
here's too all the amazing memories
we have shared since we met freshmen year walking on campus
and bonding over perfume! i love you gabby and i'm so blessed to have you as a best friend
thank you nuni! i hope you have a great birthday month
that's right crayton- one whole month of celebrating-i'm sure you can do that- right?!

i intentionally left out some our our finer moments- you can't document all the greatness
college days with winter hats and oh so dainty flannels from the gap:)
summer of florence
santa fe art tour
freeeezing new york trips and the coolest hotel bar ever;)- the W!
and many more......


Coco said...

Alli!!! I love your post! Thank you for the sweet shout out- party number two starts tonight! :) Wish you were here to celebrate. I love all of our special memories!!!!! Love you!

allison said...

gabby girl! have so much fun celebrating- i love our special memories and wouldn't trade them for the world:)