Friday, January 21, 2011

i heart you

i dedicate this post to my husband who had helped me through this week long bug
insisted i take my medicine when i didn't want to swallow another pill and drink my fluids
i heart you major!!!

and if you want to get your own heart breakout decal
as miley would say 'it's pertty coool'
have a great weekend people


tvieger said...

I Heart YOU Alli! aaaand yooouuu're prettttyyy coool, you're preeetttyyy cooooool!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

two thumbs up for love fests!!

and for cool DIY's for this heart. feel better av!!

Dorry said...

I hope you're feeling better! So glad you have a thoughtful helper husband to be your nurse. Or your doctor. Whatever he prefers. :)

I'll email you and hopefully we can find time to get together next week. xo

allison said...

you guys are the best- yes he was a good nurse/doctor to his sick wifey! i would love to get together next week dorry- that sounds great!