Monday, September 15, 2008

grito de dolores

apparently sept 16th is the grito de dolores('cry of delores')- a battle cry of the mexican war of independence. so the hotel this weekend as well as monday and tuesday is at full capacity. i added a pic of the decor in the lobby for this local celebration. not only do we get to experience the mariachi band at the bar below our hotel every weekend night until 11- we get to monday and tuesday as well. now everyone knows i love music. but i think it is suffice to say that if i never heard a mariachi band again for the rest of my life i wouldn't be missing out:) actually i think it is a lesson for me. to be patient and not affected by external problems beyond my control. i will try to remember that tonight when for the 4th night in a row i sleep with ear plugs and a pillow over my head. even a i-pod with chill sigur ros couldn't do it last night! ha! there was my rant for the night. i'm done for now i promise.

so it was 'lock and load' time come 5:00 tonight. there were over 310 people in the room. it was amazing. i was on the front row right next to my roommate kara and danielle and lindsay were also by us. at the first of class i was solid like a rock. then- well lets just say i got wet like a noodle. no really it wasn't as bad as i thought. granted it was the first class and there were going easy on us. about near balancing stick-i noticed my face getting progressively more and more of a crimson color. which was cool... whatever- no judgement -right. there was a blonde girl closer to bikram with the same problem that he ended up pointing out that she looked like the color of an a eggplant. so besides my eyeballs getting pink eye red(i kind of looked possessed) and the face color issue maintaining my breath was my biggest challenge. joseph(teacher at my home studio and world champion yogi rubber ban boy:) once told me when you start to lose the breath in your head repeat like a mantra -inhale- exhale. that helped- thanks joe! bikram sang to us during class and was very humorous. he is actually a very funny man!

so for now i am going to shower, rest up, drink water and make some food in the room. to all my friends and family i miss you dearly and i carry your positivity and support with me during my challenges and growth through this amazing experience. i love you all. and to all my new friends here-i am so glad to have you all with me during this amazing transformation.

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Eleanor said...

ooooh allison, this is so fun to read. im totally intrigued. i hope you are doing well- it sounds like you are! stay healthy and have fun! i will keep reading!! :)