Saturday, September 13, 2008

first buffet visit

welcome to the buffet.! as guest at this hotel we receive one meal a day. the bikram trainees go to the buffet after morning class for our daily re-fuel. so far so good. loved the green juice! sorry the pic is so shaky- but what can i say- i was in a hurry and hungry. so the veggie egg white omelette was maid to order at the omelette bar which was cool and the watermelon was tasty.


Tara said...

Fruit looks yummy!! Are there vegan options there Allison? Just curious if I would survive at the Bikram buffet. ;) Miss you guys already! I'm SOOOO stinken jealous!

allison said...

there are pretty good options- cereal, beans, and oatmeal. also yummy green juice and fruit!

wish you were here too tara!