Friday, December 26, 2008

tv + av christmas and many more

we woke up christmas morning to a snowing wintery wonderland. taylor had to put more firewood in the fireplace to warm the house...YEAH RIGHT! it was the usual in the seventies texas christmas day.

i woke up and made taylor a goat cheese(his fav!) and red pepper frittata. in addition i made a granola cherry pear and apple crumble that was super easy and sooo good! see pics for visuals. after our tea/coffee and breakfast we did presents and my favorite tradition ever----STOCKINGS!!

we got ready and headed over to my parents for more christmas enchantment. the 'carol' also know as mi madre) was mixing mimosas with lots of festivity all around when we walked in. after the family did our gift exchange we put on old home videos and watched when bryan was about 1 and i was 3. it was too cute. taylor didn't want to leave. he isn't use to seeing me as an adorable little angel (ha ha:). but we had to get going to our next holiday event.

next stop on santas' sleigh ride of christmases that never end was taylors' grandmas' house. we did a white elephant exchange. taylors' cousins read a little christmas story about santans workers at the north pole and every  time they read the words right/left/skip- you followed the directions and passed your present onward. the story was about 2 paragraphs too long but by the time you did the mix up you ended up with something completely different than your original gift. i started with an anthro candle and ended with a rocky mountain bar of chocolate but ended up trading for a knife sharpener for taylor. it was pretty fun. another highlight of the afternoon was taylors' grandmas' famous squash casserole. so good. i hated squash as a child but it was tasty.

then we headed to my aunt holllys' and uncle brads' for christmas dinner. it was a full house with all the cousins and grandparents and the rest of the fam! amandas' malti-poo lexie was there doing her usual wave trick which never gets old :)

i feel very blessed to be able to spend christmas with such a big and loving family. clark and taylor and i ended the evening with late night benjamin button at np. it didn't get out until 1:30! but it was so worth it. i could not stop crying as the credits rolled. for anyone who hasn't seen it it is a touching film that can be appreciated by all no matter where you are in life-really moving!

hope everyone had a blessed holiday. i am so appreciative to have each and everyone of you in my life!

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