Tuesday, May 26, 2009

H&B at casa de vieger!

that's right-i am a one trick pony. fish tacos again! this time i cajun seasoned tilapia 
and added a tablespoon of olive oil
the fixins- we used some greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it was delish!

tv's famous guac!
the taco in all of it's glory
bryans' fun doodle a grizzly placemat
the artists' finished work- bry definitely won the art award that night- he even added some baylor flair!
it was so fun having hilary and bryan over. after they left to make the trek back to ft.worth taylor and i made a promise to have people over more often. once you have your food and menu plan for the night it is really quite easy. i guess it takes some of the stress off having family over-they have to love you even if the food is bad :) seriously though we want to have people over more often to entertain and hang out. right taylor?!! :) 

thanks again for coming all the way from cow town! h and b - we appreciate it! 

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Hilary Baker said...

who knew my husband was an artist?! Such a yummy dinner ;) you are the best hostess!