Thursday, May 14, 2009

a glimpse into the adventures of home brewing....

insert clark baker voice here(my youngest brother who lives and works in the land of hollyweird)
hello hello
i just opened my first homebrew actually tastes amazing! here are some pictures. it is and IPA(indian pale ale), the most hoppy and best of all beers. they call it indian pale ale because it was created for british sailors taking the long voyage to india. the beer was hopped up so much it wouldn't go bad for a long time.
here is me brewing the beer-brew fog in full effect!
my next recipe in the making- it is called honey crystal lager, made with real honey!
just wanted to let you all in on how much fun it is making your own beer. next up is whiskey, then everclear, then right into setting up a genuine meth lab! okay fine carol ..i will just grow weed instead. only joking.

the beer maker and first OFFICIAL guest blogger(taylor you have some competition!)

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Clark Baker said...

that was fast. i like being a guest blogger.