Friday, May 8, 2009

movie night at nasher sculpture center

taylor being the perfect human sculpture
myself, my shadow and i
cool pic inside the sculpture center
last night taylor and i enjoyed the free movie night (first thursday of the month) at the nasher sculpture center. movie showing started at 7 but unfortunately we arrived early for the tail end or should i say long winded discussion (i use this term loosely- it was more of a listen to how great i am and heres why) led by none other than gary cohill about the movie we were about to see- the graduate. at first i was thinking ..don't judge allison -this guy isn't half bad and then he went and dropped about 8 celebrity names he has been with recently(insert yawn here). so after making a book signing in plano with paula dean sound like a life changing experience he finally asked if anyone had any questions about recent films. let's get to it..finally.  of course people in the audience raised their hands....several people threw out names of some AFI films asking if he liked or disliked them. politics and contraversal topics in various films were mentioned. i thought it would be hilarious if i raised my hand and asked 'gary cohill - what do you think about edward in new moon the next film from the twighlight series?' or 'does harry potter still resembled a young boy now that daniel radcliffe has chest hair?' of course i kept my riveting questions to myself:) 

minus local movie guys' long winded 'why i am so great speech' the evening was very enjoyable. taylor and i had a relaxing stroll around the garden after the movie. there was a dj and a little bar on the porch outside. and what looked to be about 20 single girls sitting in these huge bean bag pods- take note guys- the place to be to find the ladies-quite the cuddling atmosphere too-overlooking the sculpture garden.

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