Monday, November 15, 2010

charity water

hello and happy monday
The organization Charity Water is pretty addicting. It's impossible not to see their videos,
and feel empowered to change the world. You can watch the video here.

Their mission is to bring a water source to every person on the planet. Pretty noble, right? And the good news is: over the past three years- they are doing it. Over 700,000 people have water through their wells.

This organization is great because regardless of religious beliefs, we felt it was hard to argue with the fact that everyone deserves water. No matter what background you come from, this is a need that makes sense...
and we can offer a simple solution.

Right now, Charity Water is digging wells in Africa. Each well cost $5000. An email from a student that had started a fund was sent to one of my blogger friends aspiring kennedy, and is currently at $4000 of his goal. Once the additional $1000 is raised, 250 people will have a well dug for them- and just like that, their lives will change.

This organization is supported by thousands of individuals working together for separate wells. The specific well we are raising money for is available here. PLEASE LINK TO THIS WELL! It will make sure that all blogger donations go to the same place. :)

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