Friday, November 19, 2010

this and that

this has been a crazy week for me with avdesign work,
prepping for the holidays, house-sitting for the rents, cross fit/yoga
lee lou being under the weather and LIFE!
but i'm not complaining, just venting, my life is colorful and i wouldn't want it any other way

who wouldn't love this bug in a rug?

last nights' dinner with friends at the moth

i went out on a limb and painted my nails
i never do color an my hands-just my feet-but i love this new essie polish
mink muffs

can't wait for the NEW

this was us last time we saw a harry potter film at the inwood screening room
we initially went for the big comfy couches but because it was opening weekend
had to sit on the front row on the giant beanbag- it was so much fun!
taylors' sporting the expeliamous and i have no idea what i'm doing

i'm also going to hit up the esty jingle bash in search or some christmas gifts.
i'm looking forward to seeing fellow bloggers, artists and designers.
anyone else doing something exciting this weekend??
the holidays are right around the corner so i plan on enjoying the freedom
before the full fledged christmas chaos takes over

have a fabulous weekend!

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