Tuesday, November 16, 2010


“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

sometimes i am my own worse enemy. i fear the worse. i actually play out in my head- what is the worse possible (before doing something i'm anxious about) thing that could happen? why?! i am a strong female- i don't know why i stress so much. yesterday i went back to bikram for the 4:30 class- i was so worried i would crash and burn. i had not been in awhile and i guess i thought i would just forget 5 years plus of my yoga practice?! why do i even have to go there in my head? guess what?!! it was a GREAT class. i didn't have to stop once and my teacher said my practice is the strongest it has ever been. i am trying to challenge myself this week to not let those 'you can't' voices take over. i want to focus on positivity and seeking the truth not the lies we chose to feed ourselves. life is too short. i leave you with some positive type for your tuesday.
(i know i need reminding)
do it

question of the day
how do YOU overcome that 'i can't voice'?

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Dorry said...

I love that we were on the same wavelength yesterday! I'm so glad we both took on a challenge and gave it our all. I know I felt great all day after running 8 miles and I bet you had an awesome night after your Bikram class. Keep reminding me that we can do it, ok?? :)