Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ellie krieger!!!

can you hear the shrill of excitement in my voice??? i just took it to another octave- 'ELLIE KRIEGER!!' why, you ask, am i screaming my favorite food network chefs' name at the top of my lungs?? well yesterday i met my mom at northpark for some partners card action and when we spilt up i wandered by myself over to williams and sonoma (honestly because i was hungry and they always have such great samples). low and behold -ellie krieger was in store promoting her new cook book and signing copies. i was elated and they were serving her cherry almond chocolate clusters. of course i used my w&s gift certificate (left over from our wedding registry) and bought 3 copies and had them signed...who are the lucky ladies receiving a signed copy of her fabulous new cookbook? you will have to wait until christmas to find out:)

of course i snapped some sneaky pics...i was trying not to look like the stalker i am. she was very kind and i think i turned a different shade of red when she talked to me. i just always trying to act normal and when i meet someone i admire that i end up being socially akward. but i think i remained pretty cool - at least i hope so:) i wanted to tell her how much i adore her dedication to promoting health AND flavor in her delicious healthy recipes but i didn't have the guts and wanted to prevent myself from looking like a gushing idiot.

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Coco said...

OH i love it!! That's so cool!! Nice sneaky pic btw! love ya!