Thursday, May 19, 2011


last night i saw bridesmaids the movie
i went with some of my girlfriends and as miley c says
it was 'purddy cool'
seriously though- we have to see it again!
we were laughing the entire movie and missed some of
it because it was THAT funny
how cute is kristen wiigs' outfit?
this red number was my fav!
loved the blazer n dress combo
even her travel style was stylish!
and workout gear too!

seriously-although i was laughing out loud the whole movie
i was also admiring kw's adorable look
it was feminine yet indie laid back casual cool!
made me want to chop my long hair for a wavy bob!
but as taylor says 'no mom cuts!'

have you seen bridesmaids yet?


Alien Jones said...

beeboo bop boo be boo bob. I am an alien, Allison has aliens on her blog. Let's all leave comments on her blog about it!

allison said...

hello alien- welcome to the blog-o-sphere! thanks for stopping by my blog!

Coco said...

YAY!!!! I loooooved B-maids too! CD and I saw it, and before we even left our seats at the end, he said: "I wanna see it again." I loved K. Wiig and I LOVED the groom's sister, she is hilarious!

Dorry said...

We saw it Tuesday night and thought it was hilarious! I'm with you, though, and I need to see it again. Between laughing and being really tired, I think I'd get a lot out of it a 2nd time. You're right - she had a great style!

Kyla said...

I loved it!!! Let's go see it again :)