Monday, May 23, 2011

monday monday

good morning lovelies!
i usually wake up on mondays feeling like this.....
then i take a sip of coffee and i can channel a bit more
after all
such a powerful verse!
just reading it - i feel empowered this morning
and ready to seize the day and my to-do list
how do
feel this monday morning?

p.s. if you need a laugh- you have to check this SNL skit out
or as the canadians say it ooouut


Stephanie said...

Haha. it. :)

Hilary Baker said...

love that verse!

allison said...

stephanie- seriously google it - for real!!!

me too hil- such a good one:)

Dorry said...

great verse! I had a good Monday, but it felt like a Tuesday because I worked yesterday. :) Busy, busy week til we leave town Friday morning. I miss you!

allison said...

miss you too dorry! hang in there with your all your busy busy going one-and just think - you will be on vacay soon!!! yay! i did remember you and billy are going away correctly- right? uh- it has been too long- we need a catch up get together soon:) miss you too!!!