Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fitness 'bucket' list

there is so much i want to do or check out fitness wise. my life kind of revolves around bikram yoga 24-7
so currently, i am stuck with making plans for the future
but no matter how busy i get with teaching and taking- i will at least try the following:)

kayaking! this takes me back to my childhood summer camp- i love kayaking! there is a thursday night class at white rock for anyone who is interested. when it isn't freezing outside- it would be a really fun get together with friends. who doesn't like getting in an moving boat atop a body of dirty water with dead people in it ;) adds an adventure element to it!
apparently this is the woman who transformed jennifer anistons' bod with her mad yoga skills

physique 57
heard so many great things about this ballet/pilates/yoga/strength training
mish mash of a workout! check it out here for yourself!
zumba- i know it sounds cheesy but i have always wanted to try it!!
here is the class schedule in dallas- any takers?

1 comment:

Coco said...

I love that you have a fitness bucket list! I too need one! Except I'm scared of kayaking, what if you tip and your legs get stuck in the boat and you drown? JS! (Just sayin...)