Friday, October 10, 2008

week 4

so bikram made a deal with us tonight that if no one sat out during class or left the room we would get the night off. that means no lecture and no movies until 2 am. well we made it out unscathed- yay! the night is ours. i was so happy i could have kissed the man! kara and i decided to get grocery shopping out of the way - we just got back with our goods and are stocked for another week of yoga and more yoga.

this week was by far the most difficult for me. i don't know if it was because i was feeling sick at the beginning of the week or i was sleep deprived but i definitely felt run over. so i'm glad that is over and done with for now- and grateful to have made it out alive:) on to the next adventure/challenge! 

i added some pics of my awesome posture clinic group- no 15! what what?! i am so lucky to be in such a encouraging and supportive group- everyone has great energy and we all feed off of one another. also added a pic of the surprise fireworks that sounded as loud as sledge hammers outside our room after class. f is for fireworks and friday!

kara and i are about to do some dialog and hit the sack-

-love you guys!

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