Friday, October 17, 2008

hit me

hit me please someone hit me. i probably wouldn't feel it because i feel completely run over. kara and i got 7 hours of sleep (an all time high for the week) and i woke up feeling wiped out. class was difficult - i've been trying to set my intention for each class to go further (we are at the halfway point so i feel like i owe it to myself and my practice). i just hurt as in all over hurt. it's not that i'm complaining - i had a great day yesterday and had really good energy. today i just feel the yoga beat down. at least it's friday...couple of classes to go. ugghhh i feel like a stiff, tired, rusty, degenerated yoga robot. i need some fine tuning.


Rip Rowan said...

How awesome! I'm super-proud! Hang in there Allison!

Steve said...

Stay strong -I will promise a massage session with Martha! We are proud of you -