Sunday, October 26, 2008

sharks alive!

laid by the beach today- relaxed- did some dialog. saw a surf instructor and asked him if i could take his pic by the board and he took mine. he was selling me big time on lessons which i proceeded to tell him i already know how to surf mister. he talked his hourly rate down to 20 bucks. only because i felt like doing something that was freaking planned out ahead of time for me and i was alone on the beach i actually considered it. but then my rational side talked me down- after all i still have to make it 3 more weeks doing yoga twice a day 6 days awake without crashing and burning. it would so be an 'alli moment' to get hurt surfing and not actually doing the yoga. and plus the staff was saying something about shark season. i actually asked the guy what about sharks? he proceeded to tell me without missing a beat 'oh it only got me once but surfing is life' and pointed to his side where there was a huge shark bite scar!!!

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