Tuesday, October 21, 2008


rajashree taught the morning class. in half moon she adjusted me (she was walking around the back of the room and my group was on row 10) on my right side (just for the record my left is 3 times better). and seriously this woman is magic. she is like a yoga fairy princess. when she came over she smelt like roses- i'm not even exaggerating for entertainments sake. her voice and presence are very magical. because she touched me and she is magic, i will probably morph into a unicorn during posture clinic. 


tvieger said...

Ok allibakes, YOU morph into a unicorn and I will morph into a narwhal and when our horn tips touch we'll travel to the crystal mountains. Cool?

allison said...

you crack me up!

steve said...

If you become a unicorn, you can enter my hobbit world. You are pretty funny!