Sunday, October 12, 2008

sunday sunday

it was so nice to sleep in this morning. woke up had some cereal and a banana and went to the spa- my little safe haven here at training. i have developed quite an addiction to their red tea and comfy chairs in the waiting room. it's a nice contrast to the intensity of our weekly training schedule.

after the spa i changed into my suit to lay by the pool and study. bumped into celeste and she introduced me to round robin studying- thought i wouldn't be a fan but rose and stroud joined in and we had a little circle study session going. it works because you say the words so many times you have no choice but to absorb it. after that i came up to the room and kara and i caught up on the days events apart from one another- i get a little lonely not being with my roomie all the time. yes - i'll admit i'm attached :) 

had an thrown together dinner of jiff and a banana- pure happiness! watched part of the first episode of season 5 the office on the laptop. our last treat for the weekend before week 5 officially starts!!!

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