Friday, October 24, 2008


dr. divvy spoke last night about western medicine versus the mind/body medicine which is called pycho-neuro-immune-endocrinology. hopefully no one wikapedias that because i have no idea how to spell it. it was by far the most interesting lecture we had. we someone said 'it's already 11 o'clock' i surprised myself by actually wanting to hear more not caring that it would go into my sleep time. she touched on many interesting points about spirituality, illness, yoga and healing. i was quite inspired. she touched on negative emotions how to acknowledge them by not wallowing in them. you recognize your emotion talk about it and move on. what i call not turning to the 'dark side'. my summary of the lecture doesn't do her justice-she went a lot deeper than that- i need to go back to the 3 pages of notes i took...anyways she was pretty amazing. i was quite refreshed by her point of view. one of the reasons she said she is able to remain so positive is because she keeps her mind clean. she said one of the many decisions that she made to accomplish that was not watching tv. as taylor knows this has been my number one request/change for when i get home. no more tv!!! i have not watched or turned on the tv (minus the movie we have watched on the laptop on the weekends) in our room since we arrived. we actually unplugged it to use the fridge. i have been quite amazed at how much you can get done and how less worried i am not watching the news and the fear based crap on tv...and i won't even go into the majority of reality television. now by no means am i saying completely tune out the world and what is going on in it but you can also be your own judge of what you want to take in and how it affects you. 

ok sorry to go off on the tv rant. so my intention for today is to be present and try to be positive. even though it is the end of the week, even though we all never want to see chula vista food again, and even though home is calling my name louder and louder as each minute passes. yes i miss taylor, sleeping and actually being rested, and being able to decide for myself what i am going to do next versus our yoga scheduled out every minute of our life here. but i have to remember - this is a growing process. i am changing and learning each day. the more i embrace it and soak up every nugget of info they give us- the better the teacher i will be in the future. i don't think that was even proper english...but you follow me? just had to throw in that last bikramism. and eventually, in the future i will explain it more in detail :)

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